Easy Steps for Residents

Climate Change Action Resources

Thinking about climate change may seem overwhelming, but you can click on these links for some easy steps you can take today:
Local Futures     Project Drawdown     Green America     BBC     UCDAVIS     David Suziki     RMI

From the Paul Hawken book Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation:
CAS app for working together with others

Web site with a living list of the solutions in the book


Energy Efficiency Resources

Take any actions you can from the home-energy-saving recommendations on this site

VA DEQ summary of financial incentives for energy efficiency and renewables

Dominion small business energy efficiency program and rebates

Dominion residential income-limited energy- and money-saving programs:

HVAC improvements

Home weatherization

This page is a great handbook of how to get started


Resources for residents on solar so they are “smart buyers”: