A poorly insulated home or business costs you money in increased utility bills for heating and cooling.  Gaps around windows and doors can often be resolved inexpensively with caulk and weather striping. Curing these problems can not only save you money but make your home more comfortable.  

In many cases, low cost or free energy audits are available from your local utility.  Dominion Energy offers a range of services and approved contractors to conduct energy audits and perform recommended work.   

If you have limited income, you may be eligible for a weatherization assistance program that can assist with the cost of common measures including sealing air leaks, adding insulation, and repairing heating and cooling systems. For details go to this Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development website.   

Remember, with any home improvement including weatherization improvements it is important to deal with reputable contractors, get more than one estimate, do your research and ask for references.  At a minimum, check with your local Better Business Bureau for a company’s history of complaints and complaint resolution.