EV Fleet Conversions

Converting local government vehicle fleets to EVs saves money and carbon.

EVs save money in two ways. First, they are powered by cheaper electricity instead of gasoline or diesel. Second, maintenance costs are substantially reduced compared to internal combustion engines. 

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory sponsors a virtual training series that is designed to provide fleet managers and coordinators with the skills and knowledge to become subject matter experts in electric vehicle (EV) implementation. This four-part training serves as an introduction to EV technology and considerations for electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installation. This course focuses on introducing the basics of EV technology and financial considerations important for agencies considering fleet electrification.

Many local governments and businesses with fleets of vehicles are gradually making the switch to EVs as they retire older vehicles in their fleets.  As a result of legislation passed in the 2022 Virginia General Assembly, by October 1, 2022, the Virginia Department of Energy will identify a publicly available total cost of ownership calculator that will be used to assess and compare the total cost to purchase, own, lease, and operate light-duty internal combustion-engine vehicles (ICEVs) versus comparable electric vehicles (EVs). Beginning on January 1, 2023, the Department of Energy and all agencies of the Commonwealth will be required to use the calculator prior to purchasing or leasing any light-duty vehicles and to purchase or lease an EV unless the calculator clearly indicates that purchasing or leasing an ICEV has a lower cost of ownership.  The bill also provides that the Virginia Department of Energy shall make the calculator available to local public bodies and transit agencies, and the Department will provide technical assistance to local governments utilizing the calculator upon request. SB 575 passed both the House and Senate unanimously and awaits the Governor’s signature. 

Fleets for the Future (F4F) is a national partnership of regional councils, the Electrification Coalition, Clean Cities coalitions, and other industry experts tasked with creating a national procurement initiative designed to consolidate bulk orders of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure. F4F will reduce incremental costs and disseminate best practices on application, usage, and procurement strategies for the selected vehicles and related infrastructure. Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collaborative is another great source of detailed information on switching to EV.