Community First Steps

Easy First Steps for Your Community

  • When city HVAC and lighting equipment is refreshed, replace with energy efficient upgrades. Codify policy in municipal plan.
  • Request replacement of all Dominion-owned municipal outdoor lights with LED as soon as practicable.
  • Set a best practice standard for municipal and school facilities of a minimum of 76 degrees for AC and maximum of 68 degrees for heating. Encourage businesses to follow suit.
  • Have city-owned facilities institute polices regarding turning off equipment and appliances:
    • Energy Star methodologies to have computers, monitors, printers go to sleep over nights/weekends/holidays
    • All municipal facilities set HVAC off or to low setting in off-work hours
  • Support a policy that large events must include a plan for dealing with food waste in a way that minimizes carbon emission (e.g. donate, compost, etc.)
  • Spread knowledge of C-PACE and energy rebate programs so that communities’ members can take advantage of them
  • Ensure municipal code encourages white roofs for energy savings or green (living) roofs where possible – both lead to huge energy savings
  • Promote companies that offer fossil-fuel-free lawn care
  • Have municipal plan for tree planting near buildings include controlling sun into buildings to decrease energy use for air-conditioning
  • Talk to your school board about having all public schools install solar at no cost
  • Ensure churches and private schools know there are ways for them to install solar at no cost
  • This action guide lists great ideas for actions that can be taken by communities and governments